Looking at the massive data needs of the Planning Department, Karnataka Data Lake, a Policy Support System is proposed to create a dedicated Big Data Lake for the planning department to integrate and consume this data for Diagnosis, Prediction, Forecast, and Recommendations automatically.

A quick glance at the capabilities of Karnataka Data Lake catering to different end users can be found below:

Target Audience

KDL for Executives: Executives from different departments at the district and taluk levels can refer to data stories about different indicators. Each data story shows some of the factors that are highly correlated with a given indicator, and also implements a predictive model that shows the expected impact of changing the value of any of the contributors. These insights can be obtained at a district level and taluk level, with a normalized score provided for each district in the state, and for each taluk in a district.

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KDL for Analysts: Analysts can identify and observe the trends/patterns in the data or join datasets from different departments to get a bigger picture in solving a problem. Karnataka Data Lake’s pre-module on Exploratory Data Analytics provides initial reports, observations, and correlations from user-selected datasets and has the ability to perform real-time analysis using AI/ML models.

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KDL for Policy Makers / Researchers: Policy Makers can utilize Karnataka Data Lake with a focus on intervention modeling and counterfactual analysis to understand potential causes that provide clues on how, when, and where to intervene with policy instruments so as to achieve targets/goals in the best possible way.

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